Crash Landing

All Sebastian wants to do is fly.

That's why he and his family pack up their life in England and move to Florida, where a new life, training to fly and then, just maybe, becoming an airline pilot, should be waiting for Sebastian.

But nothing in life ever quite works out the way it's meant to. Barely has Sebastian even begun his training when the owners of the school where Sebastian is learning to fly decide to close the school down.

Helped by his instructor, the curiously Russian Boris Bolokov, and his wife Barbie, who so desperately wants to support him but can't quite bring herself to, Sebastian Wilson and his friends from Florida Aviation Training pursue Cap'n Joe Walters and his wife Esther as far as it takes to recover at least some of the money the Walters have taken from their students.

Like so much of the best humour writing, Crash Landing is set in Florida. If you've enjoyed books by Carl Hiaasen or SV Date, you won't want to miss Crash Landing, the unmissable debut novel from Steve McCabe.

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