Crash Landing

All Sebastian wants to do is learn to fly, but when he moves his family to Florida to learn to fly, earning his wings doesn't go quite as smoothly as expected. He's a keen student, desperate, but Barbie, his long-suffering wife, finds his flying stories, well, slightly less interesting than Sebastian does.

Barbie never expected to be moving back home to Florida with Sebastian; she certainly never expected him to leave his job and become a flight students. But, like any good wife, Barbie stands by her husband, even though sometimes she finds that supporting him isn't quite as easy as she would like.

Is there more to Boris than meets the eye? Sebastian's strangely Russian flight instructor, Boris is as angry as his student when Florida Aviation Training closes its doors, and does what he can to help Sebastian and his friends track down the Walters family.

Captain Joe, the founder of Florida Aviation Training, isn't quite the expert aviator he likes to imagine he is, but this isn't going to stop him from opening a flight school. But a lack of business sense —  or, indeed, of pretty much any kind of sense — might stop him from running it well.

Joe's wife Esther is not impressed with the way her husband has run Florida Aviation training, and takes the reins when she sees the direction the school is going. The students trust her — but should they?

The new novel from Steve McCabe